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Sometimes you just have to laugh
Comedian Heather Witherden knows the power of
staying on the funny side of life

by Janine LeGal

Prime Time Heather Witherden knows a lot about laughter, humour and comedy. The 42-year-old is a stand-up comic, burlesque performer and Winnipeg’s favourite wisecracking mom, raising three boys, a 14-year-old and 11-year-old twins. When she’s not performing stand-up comedy, she likes to spend time with her family because, as she says, she wouldn’t have any material without them.

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Winnipeg Fringe Festival

CBC Review - Tazzy's Angels

I miss the Five Winnipeg Comedians show they used to run at the old Press Club during Fringe. So it's nice to see Big Daddy Tazz dust off the idea and present a version from the distaff side. There are four ladies in the show - and I used the old fashioned term because that's how the gals acquit themselves. All dolled up and dressed to the nines, these four female comics deliver up about 15 minutes each with BDT doing some bits off the top and in between.

Tazz has some great new bits about the cell phone law that had the packed house howling.  First up was Heather Witherden, who delivered a popular set on motherhood.  Gears shift with the rocking Chantel Marostica, an onstage dynamo whose edgier material won over the crowd within a few minutes of exposure to her great stage presence.  Cara Lytwyn looked gorgeous with a fancy thingmabob in her hair and delivered a counterpoint to Heather with her anti-mom approach to womanhood. Rachel Sommer is the headliner.  She's an optometrist by day, and the subjects of work and her Aussie husband Stu get the most play. She's a one liner act - a pretty Phyllis Diller - and although this comedy vet saw about 60 percent of her jokes coming from a mile away, the crowd didn't and they ate her up. I think there's a good comic in there if she loosens up the form a bit. She's a good writer and performer, but there's a bit of a corporate feel to the act. I'd like to see her let her hair down and mix up the set with a few longer bits. But still, a great set and she deserved the final slot.

I thought the whole show would be served best by everyone trimming a minute or two and the show coming in at a tight 70. But that's a minor gripe from a guy who sees way to much standup. 

And a buck from each ticket goes to charity. The audience helps pick the daily choice.

Reviewed by: Al Rae


Winnipeg Free Press Review - Breast Friends

A well-rounded revue boasting a firm comedy base and a soft centre, this variety show is positively stacked with local talent.

Frequent fringers Kim Zeglinski, Celeste Sansregret and Alison Field (Sensible Footwear), with standup comic Heather Witherden and burlesque queen Miss La Muse, are amusing, provocative, touching and titillating.

Field offers breast feeding as a conflict solution — "could you just stop your moaning and suck on this?" And her mates get a few things off their chests — literally, in one case — in monologues on size, shape and harnessing woes.

There’s no padding required, but the ladies tuck in a handful of sight gags, a moment of poignance with a tassel-twirling display courtesy of Miss La Muse.

Destined to be a breast of fest.

— Pat St. Germain

Our Rating: star star star star star (5 STARS!) A well-rounded revue boasting a firm comedy base and a soft centre, this variety show is positively stacked with local talent.


Review from - Breast Friends

Sensible Footwear (5 STARS) veteran Alison Field is back with a bevy of buxom beauties who’ve got it and flaunt it! Burlesque artist Miss La Muse, Celeste (Wonderbar! 4 STARS) Sansregret, stand-up comic Heather Witherden and Kim (Waiting for Aidan 4 STARS) Zeglinski show and tell all the trials and titillations of breast ownership.

A first-rate comedy about secondary sexual characteristics.

Five fantastic comedic performers come together in Breast Friends to entertain the estrogen-rich audience with the woes of changing rooms; the yearning of adolescence (for breasts, that is) and God’s sometimes twisted sense of humour in response; rants about breastfeeding; and a serious moment to remember cancer survivors and the dead.

It’s a show for women, from beginning to end - even with the tassel-twirling dance by Miss La Muse. Full of cheek and spunk with some rip-roaring laughs, we’re not sure men would get it, but we sure do! Local comic Heather Witherden is a stand-out in this one! 


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photo courtesy of DAVID LIPNOWSKI

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